Here are videos that are informative about Silver and precious metals. This page will save you time down the YouTube rabbit-hole.

Stacking Silver and Gold from a Historical Biblical perspective, by Rafi Farber.

This video is a good discussion on the different types of Silver bullion options and the pros/cons of each type. 

A short clip from a long interview with Clif High and David Morgan on the Beyond Mystic channel with Jean Claude.

See the entire video HERE 

on BitChute.

A discussion between Chris Marcus at Arcadia Econimics and Alasdair Macleod on the future of Silver as money.


Here is a list of books that we recommend to help in your educational journey.

Gold Wars

by Ferdinand Lips

Buy Here

Layered Money

by Nik Bhatia

Buy Here

The Bitcoin Standard

by Saifedean Ammous

Buy Here

The Big Silver Short

by Chris Marcus

Buy Here

The Silver Manifesto

by David Morgan

Buy Here

The Story of Silver

by William L. Silber

Buy Here

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