Insane SILVER Premiums – Smells Like Arbitrage

With the scarcity of American Silver Eagle (ASE) supplies from the US Mint, the PREMIUM over SPOT on American Silver Eagles is at the highest level ever recorded. Many dealers are quoting premiums on ASE at 40% over SPOT.

You, being a savvy Silver STACKER or INVESTOR may be interested in a unique Arbitrage opportunity. If you have over 500 ASE (of any year), you can take advantage of this dislocation in the market and come out on the other side with a risk-free Arbitrage that will increase your silver ounces by up to 20% with no risk or money out of pocket.

We are currently helping clients SWAP their ASE for generic bullion bars (kilos or 10 oz bars are the most popular). By SWAPPING the ASE for generic bullion you are able to take advantage of a historical dislocation in the SILVER Premium Market. Odds are , that when you bought your ASE in the past , you paid about a $2-$4 Premium above Spot Price. Now dealers are quoting $12-$14 over spot. Since you are a savvy Silver Stacker, you may want to take advantage of the high premiums to lock in some of that increase in premiums and end up with up to 20% MORE oz of Silver with no risk.

Email us at or call at 888-687-1436 to get started. We have dealers calling us almost daily with updated offers looking to secure the ASE. We will get you the best deal, and help you with the logistics on this trade.

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