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This interesting chart from MacroTrends shows the 100 year inflation adjusted price of Silver.  They are using the current CPI adjustment.  Interesting to note that the Jan 18, 1980 high of $49.45 (Hunt Brother’s High) would be the equivalent of $128.74 in 2022 using the current CPI calculation.  If we were to use the 1979 CPI calculation (Original CPI) we would have a high of $167.32. 


 Today, silver is trading under $24.00 with higher industrial demand and lower supply than we saw in 1980.  Silver is currently trading at 18% of its Inflation Adjusted high of $128.75 (Current CPI) or 14.3% of its Inflation Adjusted High using the original 1979 CPI calculations.


The chart below shows that Silver is the only Industrial or Precious metal that is trading BELOW its Nominal (not adjusted for Inflation) High.  Sliver is HALF of its All Time High. Compare that with all of the other metals that are trading significantly higher than their 1980 pricing. This is highly asymmetric, and asymmetric opportunities make fortunes when the asymmetry is re-valued properly.


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