Read the Last Sentence First

Here is a great article posted on ZeroHedge, written by Egon Von Greyerz. He is Swiss, and gives an International perspective of the Moral Authority that the Western Leaders think that they have, but do not. Read the last sentence first.

Get Ready

I am writing this to you, not to Alarm you but to warn you to get prepared.  This week is a pivotal week. Historical.  One we will look back on and tell our children and grandchildren about “When It All Changed”.   Things are NOT going to be the same moving forward.  Call me CRAZY today, but thank me later …

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Inflation Adjusted Historical Price of Silver’>Source This interesting chart from MacroTrends shows the 100 year inflation adjusted price of Silver.  They are using the current CPI adjustment.  Interesting to note that the Jan 18, 1980 high of $49.45 (Hunt Brother’s High) would be the equivalent of $128.74 in 2022 using the current CPI calculation.  If we were to use the …

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